Artículos Científicos

DATE: 2014/11/14
Motivational interviewing for smoking cessation in a psychiatric day hospital: a feasibility study
J Dual Diagn. 2014;10(4):226-9. doi: 10.1080/15504263.2014.961851.
AUTHORS: Barrio P, Hidalgo-Mazzei D, Ilzarbe D, Fàbrega M, Moreno J, Balcells M, Mondón S, Gual A.
PMID: 25391281
DATE: 2014/07/18
Managing alcohol problems in general practice in Europe: results from the European ODHIN survey of general practitioners
Alcohol Alcohol. 2014 Sep-Oct;49(5):531-9. doi: 10.1093/alcalc/agu043. Epub 2014 Jul 16.
AUTHORS: Anderson P, Wojnar M, Jakubczyk A, Gual A, Reynolds J, Segura L, Sovinova H, Csemy L, Kaner E, Newbury-Birch D, Fornasin A, Struzzo P, Ronda G, van Steenkiste B, Keurhorst M, Laurant M, Ribeiro C, do Rosário F, Alves I, Scafato E, Gandin C, Kolsek M.
PMID: 25031247
DATE: 2014/05/30
The relationships between the impact of alcoholic beverage control policies, selected contextual determinants, and alcohol drinking in Spain
Subst Use Misuse. 2014 Oct;49(12):1665-83. doi: 10.3109/10826084.2014.913398. Epub 2014 May 28.
AUTHORS: Matrai S, Casajuana C, Allamani A, Baccini M, Pepe P, Massini G, Gual A.
PMID: 24870987
DATE: 2014/04/09
Wim van den Brink and colleagues reply to Des Spence and Alain Braillon
BMJ. 2014 Apr 7;348:g2605. doi: 10.1136/bmj.g2605.
AUTHORS: van den Brink W, Mann K, Gual A, Aubin HJ.
PMID: 24711667
DATE: 2014/03/28
Long-term efficacy, tolerability and safety of nalmefene as-needed in patients with alcohol dependence: A 1-year, randomised controlled study
J Psychopharmacol. 2014 Aug;28(8):733-44. doi: 10.1177/0269881114527362. Epub 2014 Mar 26.
AUTHORS: van den Brink W, Sørensen P, Torup L, Mann K, Gual A; SENSE Study Group.
PMID: 24671340
DATE: 2014/02/22
Can alcohol dependent patients adhere to an ‘as-needed’ medication regimen?
Eur Addict Res. 2014;20(5):209-17. doi: 10.1159/000357865. Epub 2014 Feb 15.
AUTHORS: Sinclair J, Chick J, Sørensen P, Kiefer F, Batel P, Gual A.
PMID: 24557083
DATE: 2014/01/18
Reduction of alcohol consumption and subsequent mortality in alcohol use disorders: systematic review and meta-analyses
J Clin Psychiatry. 2013 Dec;74(12):e1181-9. doi: 10.4088/JCP.13r08379.
AUTHORS: Roerecke M, Gual A, Rehm J.
PMID: 24434106
DATE: 2013/07/23
Efficacy of as-needed nalmefene in alcohol-dependent patients with at least a high drinking risk level: results from a subgroup analysis of two randomized controlled 6-month studies
Alcohol Alcohol. 2013 Sep-Oct;48(5):570-8. doi: 10.1093/alcalc/agt061. Epub 2013 Jul 19.
AUTHORS: van den Brink W, Aubin HJ, Bladström A, Torup L, Gual A, Mann K.
PMID: 23873853
DATE: 2013/04/09
A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, efficacy study of nalmefene, as-needed use, in patients with alcohol dependence
Eur Neuropsychopharmacol. 2013 Nov;23(11):1432-42. doi: 10.1016/j.euroneuro.2013.02.006. Epub 2013 Apr 3.
AUTHORS: Gual A, He Y, Torup L, van den Brink W, Mann K; ESENSE 2 Study Group.
PMID: 23562264
DATE: 2013/04/02
Second-hand smoke in mental healthcare settings: time to implement total smoke-free bans?
Int J Epidemiol. 2013 Jun;42(3):886-93. doi: 10.1093/ije/dyt014. Epub 2013 Mar 29.
AUTHORS: Ballbè M, Sureda X, Martínez-Sánchez JM, Saltó E, Gual A, Fernández E.
PMID: 23543600