Artículos Científicos

DATE: 2006/07/28
Alcohol in Spain: is it different?
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DATE: 2006/03/03
[Alcoholism and immigration. Adherence of immigrant patients to group therapy]
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DATE: 2005/12/06
[Early detection of risk drinker]
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DATE: 2005/10/12
[Alcoholism in the general hospital: 4 years mortality and hospitalization]
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AUTHORS: Monras M, Mondon S, Ortega L, Gual A.
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DATE: 2005/07/29
A multicountry controlled trial of strategies to promote dissemination and implementation of brief alcohol intervention in primary health care: findings of a World Health Organization collaborative study
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DATE: 2005/06/25
Prevalence and mechanisms of hyperhomocysteinemia in chronic alcoholics
Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2005 Jun;29(6):1044-8. doi: 10.1097/
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DATE: 2004/11/13
[Two year follow-up of inpatients with alcohol-related diseases]
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DATE: 2004/10/27
Who is responsible for irresponsible drinking?
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DATE: 2004/06/23
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DATE: 2003/12/18
[Alcoholism in the general hospital: detection and treatment]
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